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Automated Dispensing Machines Benefits
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Automated Dispensing Machines Benefits

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Automated Dispensing Machines Benefits

Automatic dispensing machine range of use

Along with the popularity of soft plastic products, the drip moulding process has been widely used for the decoration of various logo nameplates, cards, fine crafts and high-grade book covers. These products are also known as micro-injection moulding. Most of the logos used on bags, backpacks, clothes, etc. are of this type.


Silicone logos, coasters, key rings and other products can all be produced using intelligent automatic dispensing machines.




PVC silicone drip moulding machine

PVC silicone drip moulding machines rely on a three-dimensional (3D) motion system to bring the PVC paste dispensing needle to the designated position in the drip mould. The drip moulding machine consists of two main components: the control system and the machine structure. The drip moulding machines include 4-colour drip moulding machines, 6-colour drip moulding machines and 12-colour drip moulding machines. Both manual and automatic versions are available. This article will focus on automatic dispensing machines.


The characteristics of automatic drip moulding machines


Save labour costs and greatly improve production efficiency. An automatic drip moulding machine can replace 4-6 people, replacing the manual operation of skilled workers. 1 person can operate several machines at the same time, saving labour costs and shortening the production cycle.


Special software, easy to operate. Multi-needle and multi-colour, accurate drip material. Needle 8-12 colours, multiple needles can dispense glue at the same time.


High precision, go round, 3D fast and smooth. Coordinate system control, the precision reaches 0.01mm. the quality of the products made is very stable. The product qualification rate is high, which can improve the working efficiency.

Last but not least:

The drip moulding machine can undertake repetitive and precise positioning of the dispensing work. In the normal production process, the needle of the dispensing machine is not in contact with the mould. The height from the mould can be adjustable. The dispensing speed of the dispenser can be adjusted and the amount of glue dispensed can be adjusted. There is no need to replenish the glue and wipe the mould, the thickness is consistent and there is no need to trim the edges.

To sum up:

If you are involved in silicone trademarks or small soft glue products. You can take a look at our machines. Thank you for looking.


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