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Why Choose A Dispensing Machine
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Why Choose A Dispensing Machine

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Because dispensing technology is used more and more in the manufacturing industry, the requirements are becoming more and more stringent. Manual dispensing will inevitably fail to meet industrial needs and will be gradually replaced by automatic dispensing machines, which can realize three-axis linkage and intelligent work at the level of automation. The automatic dispensing machine greatly improves the work efficiency and improves the quality of goods.

Generally, the repeatability error value of the glue dispenser is relatively small. When the error of the product or the set error value exceeds the accuracy of the dispensing machine, the quality of the dispensing will be seriously compromised every time the product is replaced, because most dispensing methods are contact dispensing, and the glue point on the dispensing tip should be Contact the product surface to complete the dispensing.

Why buy an automatic glue dispenser

1. Inaccurate manual dispensing

Manual dispensing operation results in unstable quality, low pass rate, poor consistency, and cannot be mass-produced

2. Personnel control

Worker mobility increases training and management costs and reduces work efficiency

3. Production regulation

In the off-season and peak season, when the order volume is large, the workers cannot catch the order, and when the order is small, the labor is wasted.

4. Market competition

Raw materials continue to rise, prices continue to be pushed down, profit margins become smaller, and competition is fierce and serious

5. Glue ratio

The artificial proportioning of glue is uneven, the error rate is wasteful, it is not easy to clean, and it is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

6. Scale strength

Large customers come to the factory, the factory has no advanced equipment and technology, and cannot reflect its strength

7. Development Trend

Automated factories have become the trend of the future. The use of automated equipment will effectively improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, shorten production cycles, and improve business efficiency for you.

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