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Characteristics And Uses Of Chinese Automobile Press
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Characteristics And Uses Of Chinese Automobile Press

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Characteristics And Uses Of Chinese Automobile Press

Ultrasound flower press

Ultrasonic press, also known as ultrasonic lace machine, is an efficient suture, embossing equipment. Mainly used for synthetic fiber fabric stitching, fusion, melting, embossing, etc., processing products have good water tightness, high production efficiency, no needle and thread accessories, melting cut smooth hairless, good feel and other characteristics. It is widely used in clothing, toys, food, environmental protection non-woven bags, masks (cup masks, plane masks, three-dimensional masks, etc.) and other industries.

Installation of the ultrasonic pressing roller

Remove the packaging, check the surface and parts of the equipment without damage, check whether the screws are loose, whether the electrical joints are locked, and whether the accessories are complete.

1. The equipment should be placed on the flat hard ground, requiring the lace machine to deviate from the heat source by at least 0.5 meters, and ensure that there is at least 1 meter before and after the lace machine, and at least 0.5 meters left and right, for operation.

2. Check the voltage requirements of the plate on the back of the vibration box, and ensure that the system is well grounded.

3. Connect the equipment with the power supply and gas source. Pay attention to turn off the power switch first. Note the voltage requirements of this machine: AC220V, 50-60 Hz. 5. The air pipeline is connected to a clean compressed air source without lubricant, and the rated working pressure is 0.6MPa.

Instructions to use the new machine, you must read the manual of the strength ultrasonic press machine and be familiar with the contents of this manual.

Functional description of all mechanical parts

1) Adjust the nut: limit the cylinder distance and short travel.2) The roller cylinder: control the rise and fall of the roller.3) Pressure wheel switch: pressure wheel control switch, on the left side of the nose. Click the pressure wheel down 4) mold frame: fix the flower wheel.

5 Flower wheel: suture and cut the mold of the processed parts.6) Cooling fan: heat dissipation vibrator temperature, so that it can work for a long time.7) Flower cylinder: control the rise and fall of wheel.8) Head: to fix the transmission mechanism of the flower wheel.9) barometer: the pressure of the wheel to the workpiece.10) Pressure valve: to adjust the air pressure according to the actual need, and the nut should be locked after adjustment. The adjustment range is generally between 1 and 10 Kg / cm & sup 2;.11) Table panel: the platform for processing the workpiece.12) Hair box: the action program of the control machine.13) Vibration Cartridge: fixed vibrator and steel die.14) Rack: supporting the machine body.15) Foot pedal: control the operation of the flower wheel and the steel mold at the right foot position.16) Flower wheel pedal: control the lifting of the flower wheel at the left foot position.

2. Function description of vibration box:

Amplitude display: its function refers to whether the resonance between the ultrasonic oscillator and the steel mode is appropriate. Rotate the sonic adjustment knob to change the reading. Generally adjusted to below 50.

Ambrometer: indicates the working current of the ultrasound wave. In no load, the resonance state of the welding head and the system is generally 0.4~0.6A, which varies according to the size of the output power. In load, due to the pressure area and the flower wheel and the complexity and size, usually by 1.0~2.5A.

Power output: adjust the output power size to different file bits, the ammeter reading will change.

Upper die speed: adjust the flower wheel speed level. The faster the speed, the faster the speed; the speed decreases.

Lower mode speed: adjust the rotation speed of the ultrasonic steel mode. The larger the digits, the faster the speed; the lower the speed.

Manual / automatic switch: hit the automatic gear, the flower wheel and steel mold to run automatically; hit the manual switch, the operation of the flower wheel and steel mold is controlled by the right foot pedal, press down the foot pedal flower wheel and steel mold to start work, release the foot pedal flower wheel and steel mold to stop running.

Overload indication: The red indicator light indicates that the equipment is overloaded. At this time, you should immediately stop, check the cause for troubleshooting before continuing to work.

Sonic adjustment: adjust the resonance state between the ultrasonic vibrator and the steel mode. Turn the knob clockwise or counterclockwise, the amplitude table reading will change, as described before, the normal reading is generally within 50.

9) Sound wave test: the function is to test whether the ultrasound wave is normal. Press the sound test switch for 1~2 seconds to see whether the overload indicator light is on, and whether the amplitude meter and ammeter reading are within the normal range.

10) Power supply switch: to control the power supply of the whole machine. The switch comes with red indicator, red light when open.



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