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Characteristics Of Flat Plate Vulcanizing
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Characteristics Of Flat Plate Vulcanizing

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Characteristics Of Flat Plate Vulcanizing

1. PLC and HMI control can achieve manual and automatic control. Automatic control can achieve mold closing Batch gas, temperature control, vulcanization timing, alarm, mold unloading and other functions: Real time display on the touch screen

The temperature of each heating zone of the hot plate.

2. The hydraulic cylinder of the flat vulcanizing machine is made of ZG270-500 material, and the plunger is made of dense material

Cold hard alloy cast iron, finely ground after casting; The sealing form of the hydraulic cylinder is YX type sealing ring.

3. The edge of the hot plate pot adopts hydraulic automatic top iron, and under the action of four oil cylinders, the two sides of the hot plate

Simultaneously advancing and retreating the pad iron; The two ends of the hot plate are equipped with anti pad iron overlapping devices.

4. Each heating zone of the hot plate is equipped with a set of temperature regulating valve groups, which are controlled by PLC

Next, ensure that the temperature of each heating zone of the hot plate is uniform and consistent.

5. Hydraulic system: Using hydraulic stations of domestic and foreign brands, under the control of PLC, it can achieve

Now automatic: mold closing, exhaust, mold opening and unloading.

6. Mechanical synchronous balance mechanism: There is a synchronous shaft that runs through the unit at the bottom of the platform

There are gears and racks at both ends of the platform to ensure horizontal lifting.

7. Mold closing guide device: There are mold closing guide devices on both sides of the lower cushion table, and the frame plate is aligned with the flat

Install a guide seat on the platform, and the guide seat is processed with an inclined surface. The distance between the inclined surfaces can be adjusted through the top screw.

8. Force: The four oil cylinders below the platform move Pull down the platform forcefully to prevent sticking to the pot and not opening the mold.

Characteristics of Flat Plate Vulcanizer

1. This model is a combination of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic technologies, with semi-automatic performance.

2. The main engine adopts two types of structures: column type and frame plate type, with a bright, clean, and rigid main body. The hydraulic cylinder is horizontally mounted

Beam, mobile platform, made of ductile iron, with stable and durable host performance

3. The hydraulic part adopts two methods, one is single pump drive, with a simple structure, convenience, and reliable performance

Usually used on small tonnage equipment, one type is a dual pump combination with fast speed and high pressure, which is generally used on large tonnage equipment

Above, the hydraulic schematic diagram is attached.

4. The electrical part adopts domestic famous brand products, with reliable quality and more accurate temperature control. Heating connection part

Connected with high-temperature resistant wire, with good reliability.



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