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Direct Way VS Transfer Way, Which Do You Prefer
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Direct Way VS Transfer Way, Which Do You Prefer

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Direct Way VS Transfer Way, Which Do You Prefer?

Today we want to introduce you two technologies of silicon labels on fabric/clothes.


First way : silicon transfers welded straight from the mold.

Here is the youtube video link: https://youtu.be/fGqJE0-gaZI 


Process : fill material into mold --vacuum material-- scrap extra material from mold --put mold on fabric and heat press --cooling the mold and get the final silicon on fabric.


Second way : silicon transfers stickers with hot melt glue on backside.

Here is the youtube video link:

Single color :https://youtu.be/qZrFi8f1pSg

Multi color : https://youtu.be/Fm1hAWhb3oE


Machines for heat transfer way silicon label:(single type)



Process :fill material into mold-- put hot melt glue-- put the mold on heat transfer forming machine-- remove the extra material --put export paper and put the mold on freezing table-- get the export paper out with labels--Transfer the label on the position paper

If you want to press it on fabric,use small press machine to press.

Youtube : https://youtu.be/aRQRxGXVLvE


Label type



Direct way

Cost (material,mold,machines) is low;

No need skills;


Must be on fabric;

Labor cost high;

Selling area: near place;

4.Get one label by each time process;

5.Suitable for clothing with high cotton content only;



Transfer way

Labor cost low;

Get one sheet/mold of labels by each time process;

Selling area: easy to transport to all over the world;

Suitable for all types of clothing except real leather,100% Polyester,umbrella cloth.

Market selling price is high.

cost (material ,mold and machines ) is high;

Need skills


So which type of silicon label do you prefer?

Come and leave messages us or contact us for more details.


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