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Dispense Machine Price Differentiation
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Dispense Machine Price Differentiation

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-11-21      Origin: Site

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Dispense Machine Price Differentiation

Usually we often hear customers ask a question, that is why your equipment dispensing machine price is so high ah, other brands are only how much money, encounter such a problem, we can only use a common phrase to summarize - "a penny a penny", but the factors affecting the price is still very different. But the impact of the factors are still very much, that why different automatic dispensing machine manufacturers dispensing machine prices are different?


A. Different quality of dispensing machines

Different automatic dispensing machine manufacturers use different dispensing machine profiles of different quality, different materials are not the same manufacturers choose different materials, good profiles determine the stability of the dispensing machine, dispensing machine prices will naturally be higher than other ordinary dispensing machine equipment;


B.there are differences in the configuration of dispensing machines

Dispensing machine manufacturers according to the user's dispensing process to design the corresponding dispensing program, with the corresponding dispensing configuration, in order to achieve the customer's dispensing needs, configuration prices vary greatly, such as ordinary dispensing valve may be a few hundred dollars can be bought (usually used for the dispensing process is not high precision), if the use of high-precision dispensing valve injection valve, injection valve prices in the market is relatively high, naturally, the speed and accuracy can be achieved also is difficult to achieve with ordinary configuration.


In the purchase of any equipment, many users will find a problem is that different brands of products in the sales price above there will be a certain difference. Even if there is no big difference between the two devices in terms of parameters, there will be a certain difference in price when purchasing. Just like in the process of buying a precision dispensing machine, a distinction is also found in this regard. Why is there a certain difference in the price of different brands of sales? This is because different brands of products in the production and processing of equipment, the production method used is completely different.


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