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Do Silicone Products Need To Be Vulcanised
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Do Silicone Products Need To Be Vulcanised

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-11-22      Origin: Site

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Do Silicone Products Need To Be Vulcanised?


All silicone products need to be vulcanised. Because silicone has a high application value only after vulcanization. Silicone is non-stick, not easy to break, flexible, high temperature resistant and insoluble in water. Of course, not all of them need to be vulcanised, such as some thermoplastic silicone does not need to be vulcanised, however, natural rubber and synthetic silicone rubber need to use vulcanising agents to vulcanise.


Liquid silicone is a new material made from a mixture of materials, all of which are vulcanised.



The main reason why silica gel needs to be vulcanised is that silica gel needs to be processed and moulded. The two types of liquid silica gel are injected into the mould and then quickly formed at high temperatures.


Silicone vulcanising agent is a very important silicone auxiliary material, which is almost essential for the moulding and processing of silicone rubber products. Not only does it speed up the vulcanisation of the compound, but it also effectively enhances the yellowing resistance of the product.


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