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Do You Know The Automatic Drip Molding Assembly Line
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Do You Know The Automatic Drip Molding Assembly Line

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-11-22      Origin: Site

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Do You Know The Automatic Drip Molding Assembly Line?

Automatic production line means to connect the machines on a production line according to the process, forming a production line that can automatically control, measure and continuous all processes, including feeding, unloading, loading and unloading and product processing. Now the new automatic production line production mode is developing rapidly, so that the main production mode of this manufacturing industry has also changed a lot, and further developed and innovative ideas. Next, I's tell you the note about the use of automated production lines.

1. A key process is directly designated as the quality control point on the automatic production line, which is divided into the last station of a team leader on the assembly line. Some initial inspections we started are that some products of the assembly line can be directly repaired.

2. The calculated beat is the utilization rate of our production, the probability of good equipment is that the maintenance rate is relatively large, the consistency of materials is the same, etc., mainly is the basic control of high efficiency.

3. Generally, if there is equipment, it is also very important to directly see the production index (some utilization rate of the equipment). But it is very important for us to add the proper defense to the quality, or the quality flaws are very serious in mass production.

4. The control of the automatic production line is very important is the balance between production, generally do not have a mistake. Doing a good job of production line balance is a very basic worker operation.

5. The production line should also pay attention to the production problems between production. Once there is a waste product on the assembly line, it should be coordinated and dealt with immediately.

6. The products on the production line are to go through the process distribution to do uniform production, and the personnel management discipline is also very strict; the production line management is the key link between the production enterprises, our enterprises need to do a good job in the field of production management and efficiency work, only a good management system of production site, to ensure the development of our production line, to better improve the efficiency of work.



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