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Drop Molding Of PVC Soles
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Drop Molding Of PVC Soles

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Drop Molding Of PVC Soles

    PVC soles are generally divided into two types. One is to add an appropriate amount of foaming agent to make a sheet when mixing soft PVC , and then foam it into a foamed plastic to make a foamed PVC sole; the other is to use an China Multicolor Dispensing Machine with various molds Into a PVC sole. PVC soles have good physical and chemical properties. It can be said to be a plastic-like material from an intuitive point of view, which is characterized by lightness and high gloss, but lacks texture. PVC soles are generally suitable for fashion shoes, because of its light and thin characteristics, the shoes have a strong three-dimensional appearance, which can highlight the unique smooth lines of fashion shoes, thus appearing to be more upscale .


    Drop molding technology uses the characteristics of thermoplastic polymer materials with variable state, that is, it has viscous fluidity under certain conditions, and can restore the characteristics of solid state at room temperature, and uses appropriate methods and special tools to inkjet, in its In the viscous flow state, it is molded into the designed shape as required, and then cured and molded at room temperature. Drop plastic technology has been widely used in the decoration of various trademark nameplates, cards, daily hardware products, travel commemorative badges, exquisite handicrafts and advanced book covers. Drop plastic, also known as micro-injection, is a drop of white or colored glue on the surface of knitted cotton, various chemical fiber fabrics and textiles. It is a product similar to PVC silicone, bags, backpacks, clothing.... Most of the trademarks used above are of this type. The processing is more complicated. We often say that the silicone trademark, silicone dripping label, dripping non-woven fabric, dripping TC cloth , etc. belong to this type of dripping. PVC dripping can also be made into dripping shoes, insoles and slippers. Bottom, sofa back, armrest, table cloth, mahjong table cloth, car interior decoration, etc.


Today, let's focus on the advantages and disadvantages of the plastic drop of PVC soles! !

1. The sole pvc is a polyvinyl chloride material, which belongs to a polar non-crystalline polymer. The material texture is relatively hard. The pvc sole has good physical and chemical properties, and has the characteristics of strong gloss and light texture. The sole price is relatively low, and the ornamental is better .

2. PVC is polyvinyl chloride, the chemical raw material with the longest use time. It is a polymer that is polymerized by initiators such as peroxides, azo compounds, or synthesized under the action of light and heat according to the mechanism of free radical polymerization.

3. The sole pvc is a polyvinyl chloride material, which is a polar non-crystalline polymer. Because there is a strong force between its molecules, the sole pvc is relatively hard and brittle. It is used in the production of shoe soles or other Items are required to add impact modifiers to enhance dispersion.

4. The sole pvc is generally divided into two types, one is soft pvc mixed with foaming agent to make plastic foam, the other is directly made by injection molding machine with mold, both have better Its physical and chemical properties are characterized by light texture and strong gloss.

5. Pvc is very suitable for making soles because of its lightness and thinness. Yes, the shoes are more three-dimensional and can highlight the unique smooth lines on the shoes, which makes the shoes more ornamental and cheaper in price, but Poor quality, prone to breakage.


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