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How To Use The Liquid Silicone Machine
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How To Use The Liquid Silicone Machine

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How To Use The Liquid Silicone Machine

1. Before using the liquid silicone machine, in order to prevent accidents in the production process, some necessary inspections must be carried out on the injection machine. Check the electrical control box for water or oil entry. If the appliance is wet, do not start it, wait until it is dry before starting it.

2. Before using the liquid silicone machine, check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements. Then check its emergency stop switch, whether the front and rear safety doors switch normally, and whether the rotation directions of the motor and the oil pump are the same. Before operating the liquid silicone machine safely, check whether each cooling pipe is unobstructed, and input the cooling water to the oil cooler and the cooling water jacket at the end of the barrel.

3. It is necessary to educate employees to strictly abide by the use specifications to prevent industrial accidents or machine damage caused by human factors.

4. Maintenance of the liquid silicone machine after use, in order to make the liquid silicone machine produce qualified silicone products and maintain a long service life. Maintenance of the injection machine should be due after use.

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