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Maintenance Of The Molding Wheel Of The Drip Irrigation Belt Equipment
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Maintenance Of The Molding Wheel Of The Drip Irrigation Belt Equipment

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Maintenance Of The Molding Wheel Of The Drip Irrigation Belt Equipment

Drip irrigation belt molding wheel is an important mold of drip irrigation belt equipment, which is composed of forming plate, left and right cooling plate, middle partition ring, shaft, vacuum cover and the water sealing ring corresponding to the left and right cooling plate channel. The forming plate is an important part of the drip belt maze flow forming, it is composed of about forming plate and partition ring, partition ring in the middle of the forming plate, left and right forming plate has the groove, around the forming plate and partition ring in the position of the left cooling plate corresponding to the air tank with pores, around the outside of the forming plate with small teeth, when the forming plate and about cooling plate assembly after the air tank and air hole and the left cooling plate constitute a Adsorbing the airway during vacuum forming, the small teeth on the outer circle of the left and right forming disc form the forming area of the maze passage with the left and right cooling disc and the septal ring.

Demolition and cleaning method of vacuum plate of molding wheel and matters needing attention

1, forming shaft with elastic ring, remove the clamp, remove 1,2 and internal spring, spring sheath and piece 3 can be removed in order and put, can see 4,4 black plastic plate material for PTFE mixed carbon black processing (plate thickness 9mm), with anti-wear, enhanced rigidity, durability, etc. The plastic board and part 3 are fixed with screws, and the plastic board and part 3 are connected with mixed glue to ensure no leakage, otherwise it will produce vacuum instability, vacuum table swing, some parts of the maze drip irrigation belt suction is not full and other phenomena that affect the product quality. There is one on the plastic board The row hole, the position corresponds to the air extraction of piece 3. This row of small holes for vacuum air holes, if there is blocked mud and debris, can be cleaned with the drill consistent with the small hole (the drill should not swing back and forth when cleaning). After that, the carburetor cleaning agent will clean the mud inside the hole groove and the bottom of the hole, and clean it repeatedly until it is confirmed that there is no debris and mud. After the vacuum disk is cleaned, the liquid in the hole is dried with 0.6-0.8MPa compressed air, and then the remaining dirt is wiped out with cotton cloth. Check whether the surface of the plastic sheet is flat.

2. After cleaning, assembly, assembly method: pad the side of the molding wheel and the plastic plate up, install part 3, then install two sets of bearings, and then install the spring sheath, spring and piece 2. The installation of piece 1 requires two people to work at the same time, one of the hands press the piece 2, shrink down.

3. Notes:

(1). The forming wheel should be cleaned on the clean and protected level working surface to prevent collision;

(2). When cleaning small holes, do not remove the plastic plate to avoid vacuum instability after assembly; do not use other sundries to clean, and use appropriate drill bit rotation cleaning;

(3). The stainless steel hexagon screw on the other side of the forming wheel is the fastening screw of the forming wheel body. The screw on the surface is strictly prohibited to be removed, otherwise the forming wheel will not be used again (scrapped), resulting in irreversible consequences.

Replacement method of forming wheel friction plate

1. First remove part 1-3 according to the disassembly method. At this time, plastic board 4, plastic board is fixed on piece 3 with half-round head stainless steel screw and sealant. Remove the half-round stainless steel screw and remove the plastic sheet along the inner diameter of the plastic sheet with a one-word screw tool. After removing the plastic sheet, remove the sealant remaining on the piece 3;

2. Drilling the new plastic sheet according to the old sample to burr;

3. Apply a circle of sealant along the circumference of the vacuum groove of the piece 3, install the new plastic sheet on the piece 3 with the half-round head stainless steel screw, correct the hole on the plastic sheet with the vacuum groove on the piece 3, tighten the screw; After the plastic sheet is fixed, then apply sealant on the contact angle between the outer diameter and the inner diameter and the forming wheel body of the plastic sheet;

4, according to the sealant instructions on the time required by the sealant fully solidified;

5. The plastic sheet plane: the new plastic sheet plane outside the small end of the car, and the verticality error between the plastic sheet plane and the bearing axis in the piece 3 is not greater than 0.02mm;

6. Clean the burrs after turning on the plastic sheet; clear the plastic debris falling into the vacuum air tank by cleaning the airway of the forming wheel;

7. Assemble the forming wheel according to the assembly method, and replace the plastic sheet completely.


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