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New Drip Molding Baking Line
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New Drip Molding Baking Line

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New Drip Molding Baking Line

In the traditional dispensing process of PVC products, we mainly use 12-color dispensing machines, smart ovens, cooling tables, etc. Our company has developed a PVC dispensing production line on this basis. The entire assembly line equipment covers an area of only It needs 12.5 square meters, and the fastest speed of each output is 300m/s, and it is also a high output, which can produce 20,000 pieces every 8 hours. This assembly line production process requires only 2 people to operate.


In order to meet the needs of the market, we have developed a new assembly line this year, which is highly automated and has a small footprint. Compared with the traditional assembly line, it can simplify the process and save manpower. With the ZY-P09D six-color automatic dispensing machine, it can further simplify the process and save manpower, and only one person can operate the production.


PVC is an environmentally friendly material, which is often seen in clothing trademarks, decoration and printing in the current market, and has become a common material for clothing accessories manufacturers. PVC trademarks are widely used, in addition to being used in clothing production, they are also used in some sports products, bags, and keychains. The cute shape is loved by many consumers .


Due to the accelerating pace of our life, we need a simple, convenient, money-saving, PVC product to decorate our simple and boring life, let the small PVC trademark add a touch of emotion to our life, let this small Decoration changes the quality of our life.

Dongguan Youchuang Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd.'s main markets are South Asia, Central America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North America, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Africa. The main products are PVC product making machine, silicone product making machine, car mat machine, automatic glue dispensing machine, labeling machine, etc.

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