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PVC And Silicone Drip Molding Process
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PVC And Silicone Drip Molding Process

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PVC And Silicone Drip Molding Process

Drip Molding Process

The drip process has been widely used in the decoration of various logo nameplates, cards, fine crafts, and high-grade book covers. It is also known as micro-injection. It is dripping white or colorful drip jewelry on the surface of knitted cotton and various chemical fiber fabrics and textiles. Just like PVC silicone products, bags, backpacks, clothing, and more forth, Most of the logos used on those are of this type.

Processing is more complex, we often say the silicone trademark, silicone drip label, etc. Belongs to this kind of drip, PVC drip machine can also be made lots of products. Like drip shoes, shoe insoles, shoe soles, sofa backrests, dining table mats, car interior decoration, and other series of products.

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