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PVC Drip Molding Process Auxiliary Equipment
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PVC Drip Molding Process Auxiliary Equipment

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PVC Drip Molding Process Auxiliary Equipment

We all know that drip molding is a process in which thermoplastic polymer material is molded into a designed form under viscous flow and then cured at room temperature. The whole process seems to be simple and common, but it is not, we also have a lot of attention to the preliminary work.

① Raw material processing: here we will use: vacuum pump + vacuum mixing barrel + mixer (as in Figure 1)


First of all, we use the plastic raw material is processed PVC paste resin, according to the products made in a certain ratio to the PVC paste resin to add DINP environmental oil, stabilizers, antioxidants, etc., with our mixer to mix the raw materials, so that uniform mixing (conventional mixer speed can reach 0 ~ 1400r / min, a one-time addition of 100kg of raw materials).

Then we pour the stirred raw materials into the vacuum mixing barrel and connect the vacuum pump to vacuum the PVC liquid (this step is necessary, raw materials without vacuum treatment will directly affect the quality and quality of our finished products - for example: bubbles, irregular appearance, etc.). Vacuum pump specifications pumping rate 15 ~ 100L / s, vacuum mixing barrel specifications volume 50L ~ 200L, the specific specifications according to the number of materials required to match the product.

② Mold processing: sandblasting machine (Figure 2)

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