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PVC Drip Molding Production Line Machine
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PVC Drip Molding Production Line Machine

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PVC Drip Molding Production Line Machine

With a complete set of production lines in the production process of PVC soft rubber trademarks, it can be said that it is more convenient to get twice the result with half the effort.


This year, in order to improve the performance of the PVC drop plastic production line equipment and reduce the floor space, our company continued to develop a new type of drop plastic production line, which has the characteristics of high automation and small footprint. Compared with the traditional assembly line, it can simplify the process and save manpower. With the ZY-P09D six-color automatic dispensing machine, it can further simplify the process and save manpower, and only one person can operate the production. The maximum speed during use can reach 30S/mold (Note: sufficient molds are required, and the cooling area is used with a water tower. The maximum speed refers to the mold of slippers and shoe uppers, and the speed will vary according to the thickness of the mold)

The six-color dispensing machine equipped with this new assembly line has an automatic dispensing system, which is easy to operate and easy to use. When used in conjunction with this automatic dispensing line, the dispensing system will automatically push the mold when the dispensing is completed, simplifying the process and saving manpower.

For the pvc soft rubber trademark , it is a very important product in the market now, and it is also the product with the most attention and the largest number in the market, and it is often produced by the glue-dropping process, so such a product It is also very popular in the market. First of all, the first aspect is the PVC trademark . The main feature of this type of product is that it is light and delicate. At the same time, it is often possible to choose more different combinations in the process of use. Secondly, we also need to know that the current PVC products are also very popular, and this product is different from our ordinary products. Generally speaking, you can have many different shapes, and most of these shapes are Irregular and capable of giving us many combinations of different personalities.

We Youchuang Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of PVC and silicone production machines, which mainly produce PVC and silicone clothing labels, shoe labels, key chains, car mats, refrigerator magnets, wristbands, etc.



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