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PVC Plastic Sole Line
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PVC Plastic Sole Line

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PVC Plastic Sole Line

PVC plastic sole line application range:

PVC plastic drip line is used for PVC soft plastic soles, shoe material trademarks, silicone insole, silicone sole, PVC edge strip, bar mat, PVC car mat, photo frame, coasters, non-slip mat, refrigerator magnets, Disney accessories toys, key link pendants, PVC pull head, PVC signs, rubber stamps, plastic gifts and so on.

PVC drip plastic sole assembly line configuration structure:


The machine adopts marble workbench, 304 material stainless steel chain drive, high precision control of manual dispensing, fabric new energy-saving temperature control infrared oven, timing quantitative base filling function, high speed uniform infrared base energy-saving temperature control oven, mold waterless automatic cooling function, in addition to the empty mold automatic speed control function.


PVC plastic sole line features:


Fast production speed, energy saving, energy saving than the traditional peer equipment up to 30% of the electricity, labor saving, less defective products, simple and convenient operation, fully automated production, production rationalization, automation.


Automatic PVC drip plastic thick sole production line, PVC sole production line is a fully automated production equipment developed by our company according to the needs of the industry. This machine is mainly designed to solve the soles in the traditional equipment production process of immature baking, heel can not be fully ripe, yellow, deformation and other problems and specially designed automatic production line. This machine for transparent sole, super thick sole, thickness gap is too big and produced by a new type of equipment, this machine uses a new energy-saving heating device, save electricity, to reduce energy consumption and cost for enterprise production, at the same time using constant temperature and high precision thermal insulation oven, so that the heat is not easy to lose, in the super energy saving effect, in addition to the baking time can be automatically controlled, Solve the problem that the new staff operation is difficult to control, reduce the defective products. In terms of electricity saving, it saves more than 30% of electricity than the ordinary production line on the market, and the heating system is durable and not easy to damage.

Youchuang intelligent Machinery is specialized in the production of drip plastic assembly line, drip plastic assembly line accessories company. The company provides users with design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and after-sales service and other one-stop services, enjoy a good reputation in China. The company has accumulated many years of experience, constantly updating the concept, expanding the thinking, adjusting the structure. Have a complete and scientific quality management system. Make the assembly line product man-machine more reasonable optimization combination, so that the products in the assembly line from assembly to packaging, storage, each link is closely linked, dedicated to shorten the logistics time for enterprises, save space, create benefits.


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