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Preparation Of Liquid Silicone Machine
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Preparation Of Liquid Silicone Machine

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Preparation Of Liquid Silicone Machine

The choice of mold opening and mold line in liquid silicon mechanical molding machines is very important. For the convenience of mold taking, the secondary mold line should be selected without affecting the overall effect of the product, and the tertiary mold line will not affect the quality of the product. For example, the position of the mold line of the waterscape series products is too high. Four times the mold line reduces the process operation steps, such as opening half molds, etc.


In order to prevent the silicone from flowing around, fix the mold seed with wooden blocks or wooden boards within a fixed range. When opening, use a wooden board and oil sludge to separate the first opened part. It is required that there is no gap between the oil sludge and the mold seed, and the surface of the oil sludge is smooth and flat.


After completing the above work, apply Vaseline or spray mold release agent on the plaster mold or mold seed, use a clean cotton cloth to dip Vaseline and spread it evenly on the mold seed, keep it for 30 minutes to make the mold seed completely absorb Vaseline, and then clean Wipe the surface of the mold with the pure cotton cloth, and the surface is required to be bright; and the textured product only needs to apply Vaseline evenly, and adjust the silicone according to the formula.


When stirring the liquid silicone machine, it should be stirred in an irregular direction, so that the curing agent and the silica gel are fully mixed, and the air in the colloid is minimized. Mpa for 7-8 seconds. Liquid silicone products should be formed in time after preparation.


Drop the water to the highest position of the mold, let the water flow naturally, and use an oil brush to brush the places where it cannot flow. If it is a silicone sheet, not only the whole product is filled, but also brushed evenly. Each product should be brushed with at least three layers of silica gel, each with a thickness of 1mm. During the process of brushing silica gel, each layer needs to be cured before brushing another layer. When brushing the third layer, a layer of gauze should be added on the second layer. to increase the strength of the silicone. The thickness of each part of the all-liquid silicone machine is controlled at 3-4mm according to the product size requirements, and the width is not more than 60mm. The setting time of the silicone resin is 20 minutes.


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