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Production Of PVC Gifts
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Production Of PVC Gifts

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-12-28      Origin: Site

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Production Of PVC Gifts

PVC gifts are made of PVC environmentally friendly materials, which have been tested by SGS, and the products are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The PVC soft plastic photo frame has the advantages of soft hand feeling, good elasticity, bright color and beautiful appearance. PVC gifts are often placed on desks at home and in companies, and the advertising effect is obvious. It can also make PVC advertising photo frames, which can be screen-printed with logo patterns, promotional terms, and congratulatory texts of enterprises and businesses for advertising.


Let's briefly introduce how PVC gifts are made?

1. The raw materials of PVC gifts are made of polyvinyl chloride resin powder (referred to as PVC soft glue), which is mixed with oil, color paste and color matching, and stirred evenly. The color master will evenly mix each color according to a certain proportion, one paint bucket for each color number, and color according to the Pantone color number of the color in the drawing file. This process is an important part of the entire PVC gift production. All patterns and colors are processed through Manual color matching - contrast color number - NG readjustment - secondary color matching - confirm OK compared to the color inspection card - the whole process is completed.

2. Use a PVC vacuum machine to vacuumize the adjusted PVC material in sequence, and extract the air inside the PVC material to avoid air bubbles in production and cause defects.

3. Transfer the adjusted PVC material to the dispensing process. The dispensing operator accurately inputs the color of each part into the dispensing machine according to the required color, and tests the dispensing of the PVC gift mold for many times to confirm the pinhole routing sequence. Check and test dispensing and complete all dispensing instructions.

4. Put the glued pvc gift mold baking board into the PVC oven to bake at 300 degrees, the time depends on the size of the product, and bake it into shape.

Of course, the production of PVC gifts is also inseparable from its production equipment dispensing machine. In the PVC dispensing industry, the role of PVC automatic dispensing machine equipment is becoming more and more prominent, whether in production or use, Automatic dispensing machine equipment has brought a lot of convenience to users and operators, and automatic dispensing machine equipment has also greatly improved the production efficiency of enterprises . The automatic glue dispenser equipment is much better than the traditional glue dispenser in terms of operation and energy. The traditional glue dispenser not only has high installation cost, but is time-consuming and labor-intensive to use, but also greatly reduces the production efficiency of the enterprise!


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