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Pvc Keychain Making Machine
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Pvc Keychain Making Machine

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Pvc Keychain Making Machine


In the plastic industry, we all know that the dispensing machine, that is, the drip molding machine, is an indispensable mechanical equipment, and the drip molding machine also has manual and automatic. Compared with manual, the efficiency of the automatic drip molding machine should be improved a lot, the manual should also be saved, and the accuracy should be high. Below we will have a detailed understanding of the advantages of automatic drip molding machine.


1. Special software, simple operation, multi-needle multi-color, flexible configuration, simple operation, accurate drop material, continuous feeding without stopping. The needle can be extended to 6-12 colors, multiple needles can be simultaneously needle dispensing. But usually six to eight colors will do.


2. Save labor cost, greatly improve production efficiency 1 automatic drip molding machine can replace 4-6 skilled workers manual operation, 1 person can operate several machines at the same time, greatly save labor cost, several people can complete the workload of dozens of people, shorten the production cycle. To solve the problems of difficult recruitment, more difficult to recruit skilled workers, more difficult to manage workers, plant covers a large area, and high input costs.


3. High precision, high stability, fast and smooth round speed, low sound. Double coordinate system control, the precision can reach 0.01mm. The product quality is very stable, the thickness is consistent, the weight is unified, the qualified rate of the product is more than 95%, reduce the waste of raw materials. High stability: 24 hours continuous work for you, to solve the big order can not timely delivery worries!


Above are the advantages of automatic drip molding machine, of course, there is also its disadvantage that it is higher than the ordinary drip molding machine cost, this depends on the needs of businesses and the selection.


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