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Silicon Heat Transfer Label Forming Machine
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Silicon Heat Transfer Label Forming Machine

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Silicone Heat Transfer Labelling Machine

Silicone Transfer Label Forming Machine Features

    With the rise in the level of production in society, the degree of intelligence of machinery and equipment is becoming higher and higher. The use of intelligent temperature control systems. For example, can effectively improve production efficiency as well as production quality. The silicone thermal transfer labeler is the latest product developed for the textile and clothing industry today. It is controlled by high and low pressure, and the pressure is stable and adjustable. The machine also has fully automatic PLC touch control, which is highly efficient and energy-saving. The machine is easy to learn to operate and can be operated within one hour. 

    The most important thing is that choosing silicone to produce garments has obvious advantages. The surface of the transfer pattern is smooth, elastic, three-dimensional, washable, non-cracking, non-fading, precise overprinting, and clear lines. The process strives for a realistic pattern that is close to a photographic effect.

Advantages of silicone material

   The silicone material is widely used in environmentally friendly printing processes. Because its material is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, waste disposal does not cause environmental pollution. And in recent years, it has become one of the materials specified by the world's brand companies for the production of their products and accessories.

Uses of heat transfer labels

    Heat transfer labels from silicone heat transfer machines can be used on clothing, decorative fabrics, and various other fabrics. It is often used on sportswear, casual wear, T-shirts, advertising shirts, cultural shirts, bags, hats, aprons, and other products.




Comparison with other transfer printing methods

    Silicone transfer is more simple compared to other transfer methods, place the well-made silicone heat transfer label on the item to be transferred, use then press it several times with an iron or iron. After a few seconds, the pattern is transferred to the object. Silicone transfers are easier, faster, and less likely to come off.


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