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Silicone Cookware-Silicone Spatula
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Silicone Cookware-Silicone Spatula

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What are the benefits and harms of silicone spatulas?

A silicone spatula is not only high temperature resistant, easy to clean, not easy to stain, and a variety of colors, for the maintenance of pots and pans are also good, not easy to scratch the pot. When choosing good silicone cookware non-toxic and tasteless, safety is also extremely high.



If it is bursting fry or under the frying pan do not heat it soon, you need to be careful to use a silicone spatula.


In fact, silicone supplies used in silicone are divided into very many types, some can only withstand 120 degrees of high temperature, some can withstand about 180 degrees of high temperature, and some can withstand more than 200 degrees of high temperature. So the temperature resistance of different silicone spatulas is different. If you want to buy and use silicone spatulas, it is best to ask the merchant about the temperature range of their silicone spatulas.


Note on the use of silicone spatula

A silicone spatula is suitable for frying food. Chinese stir-fry, Western frying meat, etc. These cooking methods can be used in silicone spatula. And in the process of use, avoid direct contact with open fire, so as to avoid the deformation of the silicone spatula caused by high temperature.

The silicone spatula avoids contact with sharp objects. Silicone spatula material is soft, if contact with sharp objects, especially knives, it is easy to cause surface scratches or even a large area of tore. Clean it promptly after each use. When cooking, some food may stick to the top of the spatula. A longer period of time without cleaning will not only be difficult to clean but may also cause damage to the surface of the spatula, reducing the service life of the silicone spatula.

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