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Silicone In-mold Transfer
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Silicone In-mold Transfer

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The difference between silicone in-mold transfer and silk screen printing


Dongguan Zhenying Machinery Co., Ltd. has been established for 30 years. It is deeply engaged in the silicone PVC machinery and equipment industry, and its products are sold both at home and abroad.


At present, our company has developed new silicone in-mold transfer equipment, which is capable of mass production of silicone heat transfer labels.


So what is the advantage of in-mold transfer?

This has to mention that screen printing, screen printing, and in-mold transfer are the same as the current use of more processes.


The advantage of screen printing is that screen printing is the end process after the product is formed. The printing range of screen printing is relatively light, you can print a variety of things. Screen printing can ensure that the color does not fade permanently, even if the nail picking, will not be easily destroyed.


And in-mold transfer does not require two processes to complete, can be directly and the product out, can transfer the trademark, etc. to the film paper, can be more quickly and effectively produce related products, improve production efficiency, reduce the rate of defective products, improve the product qualification rate.




Our in-mold transfer printing equipment adopts the latest high intelligence technology, PLC automatic touch control, vacuum vulcanization and adhesive one-time molding, energy-saving, and high efficiency.


If you are interested in silicone in-mold transfer equipment. Welcome to consult, we are very happy to answer.


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