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Silicone Product Demoulding Treatment
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Silicone Product Demoulding Treatment

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Silicone Product Demoulding Treatment

Silicone gift customization factory In the production process of silicone products, demoulding is the most critical step when molding silicone products. No matter who is more or less, they will encounter the problem of difficult demoulding. For example, the problem of difficult demoulding is very serious. , will seriously affect the production efficiency of silicone products, so how to solve the problem of difficult demoulding? The following introduces several methods for forming difficult demoulding for reference. 


Surface treatment of the mold

1.) The silicone product forming mold should be washed before the hydraulic molding machine, especially the new mold that has just been discharged must be sandblasted first;

2.) Choose different washing sands for male and female molds.

3.) The mold that has just been blasted must be heated to a sufficient temperature before discharging and molding, and the mold release agent must be sprayed well before molding.

In order to improve the demolding speed of the silicone sleeve, there are those methods

1. When the silicone product factory is refining raw materials, a release agent and a rapid vulcanizing agent are added to make the silicone sleeve more fluid. The original 200-second silicone sleeve can be reduced by 30% under the same temperature and pressure. molding time.


2. The silicone product factory adjusts the temperature and pressure of the machine. Usually, the higher the temperature, the faster the molding time of the silicone sleeve, but if the temperature is too high, the edge will burst.


3. Reduce the number of exhausts of the machine. When the exhaust of the mold has been moved up and down, the speed is relatively slow. If the silicone sleeve is not particularly complicated, 2 times of exhaust can be reduced.


4. The silicone product factory has worked hard on the mold and opened several more discharge troughs to discharge the remaining material. If the customer has a large number of silicone sleeves, a large mold can be selected to open a few more holes to increase the output of each mold.



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