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Silicone Rubber Mixture Process
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Silicone Rubber Mixture Process

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The production process of silicone rubber compound:

1. Adjust the wheel base: The main process of rubber mixing adjusts the wheel base of the rubber mixing machine to the middle of the high interval, because the solid collagen material just put in belongs to small pieces, and the thickness is relatively high. The wheel base of the work roll must be increased to 10 It is ensured that the silicone material can be dissipated above millimeters. In the early days, the silicone rubber compounded to the plastic pellets reached a certain temperature, and when the raw materials were dispersed, the wheel base was gradually reduced, and the raw materials, the vulcanization accelerator and the color glue were thoroughly combined and evenly distributed. Just adjust to the wheel spacing of the output roller.



2. Raw material turning: The whole process of raw material turning is a more critical process. During the production process, a roll of raw materials must be continuously mixed with silica gel for 20 to 30 minutes before the raw material silica gel can be completely uniform. To ensure that there are no material marks and quality problems in the production of silicone rubber products after the event, the key is the manipulation problem in the operation process, because of the limitation of the total width of the silicone rubber mixing machine, if you want to come up with a good roll of raw materials, then you need to A steady arm strength and delicate technique are required.


3. Add color rubber and vulcanization accelerator: add vulcanization accelerator and color rubber under the condition that the raw material silicone rubber is well-proportioned, and add it according to the proportion of the net weight of the raw material, otherwise the raw material is likely to have color cast and vulcanized rubber. If it is too cooked, the two can be added at the same time, but when adding the vulcanization accelerator, the addition amount must be controlled, and the compound must be quickly turned to make it mix quickly so that it can not be allowed to generate static electricity due to friction and cause fire. In addition, many customers add some quantum technology or other chemical substances to the silicone products, which are in different powder, water and paste forms.


4. Roll out: Roll out is also the most critical process for silicone rubber compound manufacturers . The plastic pellets from the product roll are related to the proportion of rubber cutting after the event and the proportion of the net weight of the manufactured product, because the split cutter head is used directly under the roller. The two sides are disconnected, and the net weight of the plastic pellets is not light, so it must be collected at one time during the whole process of unwinding. Had to do it all over again, and the unrolled tape didn't work either.

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