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Silicone Rubber Vulcanizing Molding Machine
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Silicone Rubber Vulcanizing Molding Machine

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Silicone rubber vulcanizing presses

The PLC programmable controller is used. All mold parameters can be stored on the touch screen. Easy to operate and manage. The silicone plate vulcanizing press has the advantages of high pressure per unit area of the hot plate, reliable operation, and low maintenance.

Vacuum flat vulcanizing press

Vacuum flat vulcanizing press for the vacuum vulcanizing and forming process of silicone products and molding. It is particularly suitable for the production of various forms of seals. The product is molded and vulcanized under a negative vacuum pressure environment. It is easier to vent and less likely to form air bubbles.

Features of vacuum plate vulcanizing machine

1. Comparison with existing common models. The machine has the following features lower hot plate is movable. The upper hot plate is located in the vacuum box. The temperature of the hot plate is even.

2. High thermal efficiency vacuum sealing strip placed on the closed surface of the vacuum box can realize the vacuum box and the lower clamp plate close together and seal reliably.

3. It is not easy to change as it is not easily damaged. Vulcanization mold fixing on the splint. It can automatically start the mold to improve the operating environment and reduce labor intensity. Adopt programmable controller control, a high degree of automation, and stable and reliable control. With simple and convenient installation and debugging, the deflation and vulcanization time can be set arbitrarily.

The silicone vulcanization and pressing process

We use a lot of silicone products in our lives and they are all made by these machines. Without these machines, the silicone industry would not have so many different types of silicone products. As one of the basic processing machines in the industry, it would play a fundamental role in the industry, and without it, the industry would not have grown as much as it has.

The silicone vulcanizing machine is therefore an essential piece of machinery in the silicone processing industry.

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