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The Difference Between Silicone And PVC
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The Difference Between Silicone And PVC

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The Main Differences Between Silicone And PVC

PVC products are made of polyvinyl chloride and oil, plus color paste together with the deployment of its raw materials in the micro-injection drip glue process made by heating and cooling. Silicone, on the other hand, only needs to use silica gel plus masterbatch paste and other chemical elements to be pressed and blended by the refining machine, and then put into the mold by the oil press to heat and cool the molding.

PVC products are rough compared to silicone products, while silicone products have smooth surfaces and colors.

Silicone products are soft quality, tough, and flexible, pvc soft rubber is relatively less hard, both soft hardness can be adjusted, but PVC has no toughness.

PVC material has ordinary material and environmental protection material also called ATBC-PVC, and silicone can pass ROHS certification, is environmentally friendly.

Silicone products are generally made more transparent. The burning odor is relatively small, and the product into powder, while the PVC products will be burned with fire after the product will be black. The burning odor is unpleasant.

Silicone products in PVC products have more heat and cold resistance. Silicone products can be put in the microwave oven heating, while PVC can not.

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