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The Garment Embossing Machine
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The Garment Embossing Machine

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The Garment Embossing Machine

    The garment embossing machine is used to plant glue and emboss on the finished clothes. Generally, we use the raw material of liquid silicone or liquid PVC, and drop the glue onto the mold to directly cover the fabric for heating and pressure. It is suitable for silicone embossing , foam pressing, wrinkling, and logo embossing on various fabrics, as well as embossing logos on non-woven fabrics, coatings, artificial leather, paper, and aluminum plates, imitation leather patterns and various shades of patterns, pattern .

    The concave and convex trademarks and patterns of clothing are hot-pressed by silicone embossing. The products have strong three-dimensional effect and bright surface. The trademarks , anti-skid belts , gloves , socks and other products made of silicone embossing have been widely used by consumers in recent years . 's favorite!

Garment embossing machine features:

1. It can be directly pressed into finished garments , such as T-shirts, jeans, socks, etc.

2. The stroke is adjustable, which can be adjusted according to the pressed material and the thickness of the mold.

3. Up and down heating, independent control.      

4. The temperature and molding time can be adjusted arbitrarily.  

5. With counting function, automatically count the number of die.

6. Intelligent temperature control, so that the difference between the set temperature and the actual temperature is plus or minus 1 degree.

7. The motor shuts down automatically after a delay time, so that it can better protect the oil circuit system and save electricity.

8. The heating plate has high tensile strength and toughness after aging carbonization.

9. The embossing glue planting machine can be customized by customers.

    Our company's glue planting machine is also different from the conventional glue planting machines on the market. There are no wheels at the bottom of the glue planting machines on the market. The machine itself weighs about 500kg. It can be said that it is very inconvenient to move. The melter not only has moving wheels at the bottom, which can be moved at will without the limitation of the site, but also has an integrated PLC screen. When producing products, various production data can be seen at a glance, and it has high anti-interference ability. Our glue planting machine adopts a double-head four-station design, and has a setting that saves the traditional manual sliding table, so that both single-head and two slides can fix the mold, so that the demoulding and the next hot pressing can be carried out at the same time to achieve the true meaning The double-head four-station uninterrupted production mode is more efficient and more stable.

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