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The PVC Trademark Can Be Widely Used in Various Garments
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The PVC Trademark Can Be Widely Used in Various Garments

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The PVC Trademark Can Be Widely Used in Various Garments

In the traditional dispensing process of PVC products, we mainly use 12-color dispensing machine, intelligent oven, cooling table, etc. Now we have also developed a new type of dispensing production line. It is not only fast, but also occupies a small area. It can be operated by only one person, and the operation is simple. The maximum speed during use can reach 30S/mold, and the drip molding system will automatically push the mold when the drip molding is completed, simplifying the process and saving manpower.

The PVC dripping process is widely used , such as pvc trademarks, PVC soft rubber dripping soles, shoe material trademarks, silicone insoles and so on.

The PVC trademark can be widely used in various garments, bags, shoes, hats, gloves and other craft products. It is environmentally friendly, washable, durable, high quality and low price. It is made of soft and environmentally friendly high-grade silicone material after color matching. The glue is made by high temperature baking and hot pressing of the mold. Its characteristics: bright colors, soft hand feeling, washable color, outstanding three-dimensional effect, good visual effect, environmental protection and practicality, easy to customize logo, highlighting commercial value information.

Commonly used in clothing, bags, gloves, shoes and hats as a wide range of trademarks, heat-resistant, frost-resistant, friction-resistant, non-slip, anti-aging, not easy to wear, non-toxic and tasteless, can be used repeatedly for a long time, can use detergent and Clean with water.

Features of pvc

1. Can express any color in nature.

2. Has high mechanical strength and good corrosion resistance.

3. The automatic plastic dispensing machine is also called the glue dispensing machine, and it is widely used as a 12-color glue dispensing machine.

4. The surface of the product can also be screen printing, pad printing, oil injection or any graffiti.

5. The logo and pattern on the product surface can be done with 3D stereo effect

pvc glue making process

1. Open the mold, make the corresponding renderings according to the requirements, and open the corresponding mold.

2. Toning, according to the pattern requirements, to achieve the required color and hardness.

3. Epoxy, automatic dispensing, dispensing according to the set pattern. It is then baked, cooled and the product is taken.

4. Quality inspection of the edge, each product must be free of bubbles, no trachoma, no color mixing, overall clean, and meticulous trimming of burrs to meet the standard.

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