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Vulcanization Time Of Silicone Products
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Vulcanization Time Of Silicone Products

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How to improve the vulcanization time of silicone products

First, you can appropriately increase the amount of vulcanizing agent added to the silicone raw material, or choose a fast vulcanizing agent. In order to speed up the vulcanization speed of silicone products and shorten the forming time.

Second, can be appropriate to increase the vulcanization temperature when molding, but the general structure of the product will be different. so the specific temperature needs to be tested to determine.

Third, change the discharge method of silicone raw materials, and try to make the mold in the process of pressurization. Silicone raw materials can go as far as possible throughout the inner wall of the mold.

Fourth, change the number of exhaust and exhaust strokes. According to common sense, the larger the exhaust stroke, the greater the number of exhausts, will be conducive to exhaust. But the actual is not so. We need to decide according to the structure of the product, some silicone products' exhaust stroke is large, but will appear bubbles and other problems.

At last, the molding operator speeds up the operation speed, as far as possible to reduce the time outside the mold. In order to stabilize the temperature of silicone products mold and improve the vulcanization speed of silicone products.

In the process of vulcanization of silicone products, in order to prevent the product from appearing bad, control the cost of raw materials. For the vulcanization temperature, mold, vulcanization time, placement, and weight these five elements focus on control.

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