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What Are The Characteristics Of The Silicone Dispenser
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What Are The Characteristics Of The Silicone Dispenser

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What Are The Characteristics Of The Silicone Dispenser?

Silicone dispenser is based on the properties of silicon, the device is controlled by computer programming, and the operation is simple. In addition, there is a three-axis linkage function, which can realize glue anywhere in the space. Automated, intelligent operations greatly increase productivity and work quality. The properties of silicon cannot be repaired after solidification, requiring high-precision adhesive control. At the same time, the equipment can transform the operation of the assembly line. Also known as igniter (igniter), igniter, rubber machine, enema machine, etc., it is specially designed to control fluids. Three-dimensional, four-dimensional path dot products, brushless, no glue leakage, no glue, etc. The igniter is mainly used to achieve accurate point, note, paint, spot, drop, point, line, circle, arc, etc. of adhesives, coatings and other liquids in the product process.

Silicon igniters are specially designed for silicon and other adhesives with poor flow and high viscosity, and are especially suitable for products of silicon and glass adhesives packaged in milliliters.

What are the characteristics of the silicone dispenser?

1. There are automatic quantitative and manual modes.

2. The time of each point is controlled by a timer, and the glue is made regularly and quantitatively, and the amount of each point is the same.

3. Adjust the air pressure, choose the right time and bench press, you can easily change the stacking amount and stacking time every time, suitable for various requirements

4. Input air pressure: 2.5—7bar Output air pressure: 0.01—5.5bar.

5. Can be used with pressure barrels

Performance description of silicone dispenser:

1. The handle uses three-axis linkage, which can realize point, line, surface, arc and circle. Irregular curve continuous tween and rectangle auto fill function

2. The equipment has a large inventory space, which can theoretically store one million adhesive process files.

3. The software has functions such as area arrangement, translation and rotation operations, and the programming is very simple.

4. The size and thickness of the adhesive, coating speed, adhesion time, and stop time can be set as parameters, and the shipment volume is stable and drip-proof.

5. Use the pull-back adhesive command to quickly cut off the adhesive, and use high-viscosity adhesives without drawing.

6. With the optional automatic height detection function, the working face height can be accurately measured. Prevent the quality of adhesives from affecting product deformation.

What are the product characteristics of the silicone dispenser?

In order to realize mechanized production, manual operation can be replaced. Single machine operation, simple and convenient, fast and accurate. It is convenient for SD card storage, data management and file transfer between machines. Equipped with a two-component pumping system, it can be equipped with a two-liquid automatic bonding machine. Components such as adhesive controllers and adhesive valves that constitute adhesive adhesive equipment can be installed. Install the screw lock, which can be configured as a self-locking screw machine. For various automated assembly, it is possible to upgrade to in-line robots as needed. Strong bearing capacity and large processing space.

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