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What Are The Characteristics Of The Silicone Molding Machine
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What Are The Characteristics Of The Silicone Molding Machine

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What Are The Characteristics Of The Silicone Molding Machine

Silicone rubber molding machine is a solid state silicone rubber injection machine series products on the basis of traditional models, according to the processing characteristics of silicone rubber products to optimize every detail.

Mobile three-cylinder balanced vertical injection structure, more stable injection force and lower equipment height; The free hanging injection device, reduces wear, removes the vertical rubber injection machine, adhering to the machine design concept, uses the advanced "first-in-first-out" injection method and adopts the development direction of the rubber machine, precise, stable and safe, is the best choice for forming precision rubber products.

Self-cleaning function of glue: injection cylinder is fixed during injection, natural back pressure shooting table improves large stroke, injection closed-loop control, proportional digital back pressure, remote control function, variable piston pump with high efficiency and low energy consumption, implementation of European CE safety standard, and real-time printing production data function. Silica rubber special plasticizing, injection unit has exhaust, conveying, plasticizing and other functions of plasticizing screw, fully open feeding device, material shortage forecast warning function, both hands operation of high efficiency and low energy consumption hydraulic system.

main features:

1. LSR materials are suitable for high temperature or low temperature environment. As high as 200℃ or as low as-40℃, the insulation characteristics, mechanical characteristics and physical characteristics of the materials remain unchanged.

2, anti-gasification and aging, so it is suitable for outdoor applications.

3, excellent insulation, suitable for high quality or high technology of the electronic plug.

4, can be disinfected, suitable for medical supplies and baby products.

5, oil resistance, can be used in the production of oil products.

Main function features of liquid silicone special machine:

1. Precision direct pressure mode locking mechanism- - - - -to ensure the uniform distribution and high parallel degree of mode locking force;

2. Secondary mode locking exhaust function, and can be configured with vacuum machine vacuum function- - - -to eliminate product sleepiness;

3. The mode locking system adopts pressure sensor- - - - -, which can realize precision dead loop control;

4. Multi-segment PID SSR precision electric thermal temperature control system;

5. Detection function of temperature line- - - - -to ensure the finished product;

6. Die timing preheating function- - - - -to improve efficiency;

7. High response ejection system and automatic V-P conversion function- - - - -product precision and stability;

8. LSR special oil pressure water cooling type sealing glue nozzle- - - -to prevent the nozzle leakage and curing plug nozzle;

9. Special feeding system design with Germany 2KM feeding mixer- - - -feeding measurement is more accurate;

10. Comprehensive abnormal detection and shutdown function- - - - -to improve the efficiency of operators in solving problems;

11. SPC diversified production management chart- - - - -to improve the management efficiency of managers;

12. Diversified top function- - - - -cooperate with different complex mold requirements;

13. Choose standard, single skateboard, double skateboard and multi-die disc machine and other models

In the production of some important injection molding parts with more precise dimensions, the size of each piece is very small, even requiring the fluctuation amount of only one or two silk.

In the production process, the main factor that usually affects the dimensional precision of the injection parts is the shrinkage rate of the injection parts. The greater the shrinkage rate, the worse the accuracy. Therefore, due to PP material and

The shrinkage rate of 2 OM feng plastic parts is very large, their feng plastic parts is usually accurate, poor is the original reason. And the shrinkage rate of other materials is not very small, so note

The size accuracy of plastic parts is not very high under the general conventional injection molding conditions.

In fact, we can reduce the shrinkage of the injection parts, so as to improve the dimensional accuracy of the injection parts. We only need to greatly increase the time of glue or pressure

Jade force, you can make the shrinkage of the injection molding parts is reduced, the shrinkage rate is significantly reduced, the size accuracy can be improved naturally.

Due to the limitation of the quality of the injection molding machine, the pressure of the glue shooting generally can not be adjusted too high, otherwise a large number of batch fronts will be produced. Therefore, in the commonly used ordinary injection molding machine, mainly also

It is to increase the time of glue or pressure to improve the dimensional accuracy of injection molding parts.

In order to ensure the size accuracy of the injection molding parts, the accuracy of the mold is the first condition to be guaranteed, and choose a stable and reliable (little parameter fluctuation), sufficient pressure injection molding machine

To produce is even more important.

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