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What Aspects Should The Liquid Silicone Machine Be Inspected Regularly
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What Aspects Should The Liquid Silicone Machine Be Inspected Regularly

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-03-25      Origin: Site

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What Aspects Should The Liquid Silicone Machine Be Inspected Regularly

The liquid silicone machine will be used more in the silicone industry. Why do you say that, because these mechanical equipment will be used more in these places, the workmanship is fast, and it can also drive the development of some industries. Let me introduce you to the liquid silicone machine. What aspects should be checked regularly?

1: Regular maintenance of the lubrication system. Before each shift operation, the specified daily lubrication points should be supplemented with grease for lubrication. If the machine equipment has a centralized lubrication system, the oil quantity should be checked regularly every day, and the grease should be replenished before the oil quantity falls to the specified lower limit. Before the machine is started for the first time, lubricating oil should be added to the required lubricating oil position, and then it can be added every three months.

2: Regularly check the fuel level in the fuel tank. The oil level of the fuel tank should be checked regularly every day. If the oil level is below the center line of the oil dipstick, the oil level should be increased in time so that the oil level reaches the center line of the standard. During this operation, special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of oiling work, to avoid water, iron filings, wood slag, cotton yarn and other dirt that seriously contaminate the oil, resulting in the deterioration of the oil or the blockage of various valves.

3: Regular inspection of heating safety devices. After each shift, the heating safety device should be inspected to check whether the heating is normal, whether the heating ring is in poor contact, whether the connection guide is missing, and whether the thermocouple is in good contact.

4: Regular inspection of safety facilities. Every shift should regularly check the electrical switches, especially if the safety gates and limit switches are all normal. Before taking over the shift, the emergency stop switch and safety gate should be checked. When the liquid silicone machine is started, press the emergency stop switch to require the hydraulic pump or motor to stop running immediately, and other functional components to stop moving immediately.

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