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What Is A Concave And Convex Embossing Machine
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What Is A Concave And Convex Embossing Machine

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Concave And Convex Embossing Machine

   When it comes to embossing, many of you may not be very aware of embossing machines. After all, if we are not exposed to it we usually have less contact with it. First of all, let me give you an introduction to what is embossing in the sense of intaglio?

   Embossing is when the embossing is attached to leather or textiles and the embossing is three-dimensional (3D). It is used on some hand luggage and clothing logos.  It gives a three-dimensional (3D) feeling and highlights your brand logo production.

   The most important feature of the silicone embossing machine is that it is environmentally friendly. Not only does it not affect the environment, but it is also harmless to humans. It is a non-toxic and tasteless product. The logo embossed by the silicone embossing machine not only does not come off easily but also cannot be inverted. It is very sticky and also has a strong three-dimensional look. It is an embossing process often used by many luggage and garment manufacturers.

Applications of  Concave And Convex Embossing Machine

The silicone embossing machine can be used in the garment, gift and logo industries. It is mainly used for garments, leisure, sports, T-shirts, denim, children's clothing, gloves, and more.

How do embossing for garments?

1) Prepare the appropriate moulds. A total of two identical patterns, divided into a concave and a convex die.

2) Garment embossing with heating. In order to target different materials of fabric, the pressure will be high when pressing together.

3)When the embossing machine is switched on, the temperature of the upper and lower platens and the time of pressing together are adjusted separately. The corresponding pressure, temperature and closing press time are different for different materials of fabric.

4) Heat the platen to a certain temperature. Lay the fabric flat on the surface of the concave die. Then cover the convex mould on the fabric, it should be noted that the two moulds should be aligned with each other. Otherwise, the moulds will be easily damaged.

5) Place the moulds on the lower temperature plate of the embossing machine. Start the machine and press down. After a few seconds, the upper and lower heating plates will automatically separate. Break the concave and convex moulds and take off the fabric, it is the complete finished product.

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