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What Is A PVC Keychain
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What Is A PVC Keychain

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Introduction To PVC Keychain

Where do people often see keychains? Walking in the street, looking at all kinds of people, basically hand a keychain, and the girl's hand keychain is more delicate and small, more novel.

Below we will introduce the soft rubber keychains in detail.

PVC soft rubber keychain is also known as drip rubber keychain, soft rubber keychain, rubber keychain, or trace keychain.

First: Soft plastic PVC products are made of the world's popular non-toxic PVC soft plastic material, using imported raw materials, scientific formula unique technology production. PVC keychains can be made according to customer requirements of different shapes and sizes and specifications.PVC keychains can be printed with corporate LOGO patterns and cartoon shapes, the price is favorable, and is the ideal gift for the promotion activities of enterprises.

Second: PVC soft rubber keychains have various effects, the surface can be flat, 2D three-dimensional, 3D three-dimensional, etc. Transparent oil can also be added to make it transparent, and translucent. Also can be put on the compass, thermometer, and other small accessories. The soft rubber keychain has a strong sense of three-dimensional, and has a good effect on decoration and advertising!

Third: The soft rubber keychain shape is beautiful, small, and exquisite. The pattern diversity is also made from rich imagination. It has a variety of patterns, including hearts, Christmas trees, and butterflies. And all kinds of cartoons, various small animal shapes, very realistic and cute, beautiful and generous, is a fashionable decoration, loved by young boys and girls. Products with soft, long service life, do not irritate the skin and other characteristics, are quite popular in Europe and the United States and other countries, fashion jewelry, but also the best choice for new human beings. So that you cool taste!

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