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What Is A Rotary PVC Sole Blow Moulding Machine
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What Is A Rotary PVC Sole Blow Moulding Machine

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Rotary PVC Sole Blow Moulding Machine

Rotary PVC Sole Blow Moulding Machine can be used for the production of single shoes, cloth shoes, slippers and TPR and PVC soles. It has a professional blowing device and can be used to produce thermoplastic raw materials such as PVC, TPR and PCU.

The quality of the product is light, soft and has a good surface gloss. It is also environmentally friendly and can be mixed with recycled materials without any change in the quality of the finished product. With the ability to use a servo motor and automatic mould opening robots, the machine is able to save the maximum amount of labour and energy.

Rotary PVC Shoe Sole Blow Moulding Machine Features

1. Rotating Mechanical Structure

This machine adopts the rotary structure. The equipment structure is reasonable. It can effectively save occupied space and is simple and convenient to operate. Safe and reliable operation. One person, one machine operation, high baking efficiency. Adopting 24-station rotating baking technology, the baking range is wide, the output is considerable and the product colour is good

2. Adopt PLC/PC intelligent control system

The PLC is mainly programmed to control the circuit. The traditional control system mainly relies on the hardware wiring between the components. It can control the production of the machine and equipment in an efficient and precise manner

3. Environmental protection and energy saving

The machine can be mixed with recycled materials and the quality of the injected product can be comparable to that of the new material injected product

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