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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Embossing Clothing
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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Embossing Clothing

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With the continuous improvement of social living standards, people's requirements in various fields of clothing, food, housing, and transportation are also increasingly high.Clothes, that is, clothing, as the saying goes, "People rely on clothing."This shows why "clothing" ranks first in "clothing, food, housing, and transportation".

The clothing industry is an industry with a huge demand.It has also promoted the emergence of various styles and materials of clothing.Behind these splendid clothes, how much effort is there in clothing production? I'm afraid few people will go deep into it.

In 360 lines, every line produces a champion.There are three hundred and sixty lines, and there are also lines of hardship.The layman watches the bustle, while the layman watches the doorway.Behind seemingly ordinary clothing, there are actually many processes hidden inside.Take the concave and convex patterns on clothing for example. The concave and convex patterns are unique, and various patterns are lifelike,It can better promote personality and release the color of youth, and is deeply sought after by many young people.

But how do you make such concave-convex characters or patterns on your clothes? Next, I will introduce you one by one.

Prepare two corresponding molds with the same pattern, divided into a concave mold and a convex mold.

Embossing molding machine, with a heating function, requires high pressure during pressing to target different materials of fabric.Currently, I am using the embossing and molding machine of Dongguan Zhenying Machinery, which I feel is not bad. I have used 6 sets for several years, and there are still no problems with them.

Turn on the embossing molding machine and adjust the temperature and pressing time of the upper and lower pressure plates respectively,The pressing pressure, temperature, and pressing time for different materials of cloth are also different,This requires more practice and mastery.

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