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Why Solid Silica Gel Needs To Be Refined
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Why Solid Silica Gel Needs To Be Refined

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Reasons For Solid Silicone Gel Refining

Refined silicone gel plays both physical and chemical roles with the compound, thus forming a new structure. The phase state of silicone gel changes at different temperatures and is divided into elastic, crystalline, and plastic states.

The change of silicone between these three states is reversible, and silicone in the plastic state can return to the elastic state if the temperature is lowered. By using the shearing force of the elastic state, the filler can be well dispersed. When the processing temperature is higher than 90℃, part of the silicon gel changes to the plastic state, constituting a state where the elastic state and the plastic state coexist, i.e. the granular state.

Since the mating agent is granular, the raw rubber must be plasticized first in order to be better incorporated into the silicone gel. The purpose of plasticization is to improve plasticity and fluidity. The mixing is done with the help of the powerful mechanical shearing action of the rubber refiner.

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