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Advantages Of Silicone Heat Transfer Label
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Advantages Of Silicone Heat Transfer Label

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-11-13      Origin: Site

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Advantages Of Silicone Heat Transfer Label

The silicone heat transfer label has obvious advantages

First: the silicone heat transfer label transfer quality is high. The transfer pattern has a good skin feel, smooth surface, elastic, strong three-dimensional, washable, no cracking, no fading, precise overprinting, clear lines, and realistic patterns close to the photo effect.

Second: the heat transfer label production is simple to use. Heat transfer technology and other direct screen printing, compared to the use of more simple. Just put the transfer paper pattern on the surface of the fabric and other transferred objects. And then use the ironing machine or ironing press for a number of seconds after the pattern will be transferred to the object, convenient and fast and not easy to fall off.

Third: the heat transfer label can be printed on a large scale, with high production efficiency. It means that the pattern is directly pressed on the product when making the product, which can effectively save production time and improve production efficiency. Thus reducing production costs to a certain extent.

Last but not least: silicone heat transfer labels are lighter in weight. And the heat transfer label is mainly applicable to clothing products, and hot pressing to clothing. The heat transfer label will not cause customers to feel discomfort, which is in line with customer demand. Thus increasing the demand for transfer labels.

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