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Application Of Silicone Products
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Application Of Silicone Products

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Application Of Silicone Products

Speaking of silicone, many people may feel unfamiliar. It seems that they rarely come into contact with them in daily life. Occasionally, they will hear the more popular terms such as silicone. In fact, it is not. After understanding, you will find that it is everywhere in our lives.  the following are the common products in life:


1. Silicone kitchen utensils

Due to the high and low temperature resistance of silica gel, it can be used between -40 and 230 degrees. The material is relatively soft, has good stability, is resistant to falling and is not easily deformed, non-stick pans, and easy to clean. It is widely used in daily life. Said to be a new breakthrough, such as baking tray mats, cake baking trays, elastic baking trays, baking tray molds, pressure cookers, sealing rings on rice cookers, sealing rings in lunch boxes, etc.


2. Food mold

Food silicone is made of high-quality silicone, processed by scientific formula and technology, and has passed food certification. It is a kind of environmentally friendly silicone, non-toxic and odorless. , silicone ice trays, silicone pacifiers and other food mold manufacturing, is an addition type of silicone products.


3. Toy manufacturing

Toys made of silicone rubber are weather resistant, easy to dye, and can be sterilized at high temperatures. They have very good tensile strength, are not easily deformed, are chemically inert, and are harmless to children.


4. Application of silicone protective cover

Because the silicone protective cover is transparent, soft and elastic, and not easily deformed, using it as a shell will give people a kind of affinity, and it will not affect the control of the machine. In addition, the earphones using the silicone shell also have a sound insulation effect. Silicone protective sleeves are commonly used in Mp3/Mp4 players, iPod, PDA, mobile phones, PSP, GPS and other common personal consumer electronic products.



The above silicone products are basically inseparable from the production of our company's machine flat vulcanizing machine. Of course, the flat vulcanizing machine is only one of the machinery and equipment of the entire silicone process. The whole process production is inseparable from the cooperation of other equipment.

Dongguan Youchuang Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produces PVC and silicone dispensing equipment. In addition to providing silicone product making machines, it can also provide raw material supply channels and technical support. Welcome to consult.


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